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Water and Sanitation

Course Overview

Providing access to safe water and sanitation is a fundamental human right and is essential to any humanitarian response. Water and sanitation programming, alongside hygiene promotion, is key to reducing deaths from WASH related diseases in emergency contexts. This highly participatory course, with group exercises and practical based sessions, provides an overview of WASH in emergencies, identifying key issues and training participants on key technical skills.


After completion the course, participants will be able to:

Course Overview

Sanitation is generally understood as the access to toilet and cleanliness of household and enclosures, process and system that keeps places clean, especially by removing human waste. Sanitation coverage is expressed in terms of toilets. Lack of access to safe water, basic sanitation and poor hygiene practices are a major cause of disease and death among many of the world’s poor.

Course Overview

Sanitation marketing is an emerging field that applies social and commercial marketing approaches to scale up the supply and demand for improved sanitation facilities. While formative research is the foundation of any sanitation marketing program, essential to understanding what products the target population desires and what price they’re willing to pay for them, components such as the marketing mix, communications campaign, and implementation are also critical to the design and implementation of effective program.