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Special Services of HRDI

Customized and Tailor-made training

Customized training is designed to fulfil organization's needs. Topic can ranges from general management skill such as leadership, communication, delegation, team competencies and project management to institute. We will design Tailor-made training service as per the demand of the institute, this course can be tailored to the time you have available i.e. one day, one week, or can run as modular courses over a long period of time.
As per the demand, HRDI will be provided following courses:

  • Life Skills Based Hygiene and Sanitation TOT
  • Ignition Participatory Rural Appraisal (IPRA) Training
  • Participatory Hygiene And Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) Training
  • Climate Change
  • Early Warning
  • Psychological First Aid

Training manual writing

We will provide to your organisation with quality training manual which can be used during training and as reference material in the long term. We will properly analyses audience and its training needs and design appropriate training manual in accordance with your organisation objectives.

Research, Study and Consultancy

HRDI offers variety of research, study and consultancy services such as training and development, management, organisatioal development, international humanitarian law, health, disaster management, community development, water sanitation and hygiene.