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World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day: Innovation and diversity at the core of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s work

Nepal Red Cross Society organized various programme throughout the country together with the Red Cross Movement partners with the theme of the year- Red Cross: Everywhere for everyone.

The World Red Cross Red Crescent day, May 8 was celebrated amid a ceremony held in Kathmandu yesterday as a national programme. Acting Chairman of Nepal Red Cross hoisted Red Cross flag at NRCS National Headquarters in Kathmandu to mark the day. He said the founder of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement was a great personality and he has always inspired the people toward humanity.

NRCS Communication Policy(revised)-2016

NRCS revised its communication policy recently (at end of 2016). The revised policy aims to engage communities, partners and national stakeholders for community resilence.  Its objective is to make better  communication works with one voice of Red Cross family to address community's pressing issues  like vulnerability reduction, saving lives, changing minds, and promoting culture of non-violence and peace.   

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