Call for women's identity and empowerment

On the special occasion of 107th International Women's Day, Kalpana Kafle (43) joined blood donation drive for the 12th time at Santibatika, Ratnapark along with 20 other donors. On filling the donation form, "Giving blood always makes me happy because donating blood doesn't cost anything but helps others." She added, “Today, 8March, is the women's day and when Red Cross announced about this camp from the loudspeaker, I decided to donate again."

On the onset of the celebration, Nepal Government, Nepal Red Cross Society and different organizations organized a rally with placard from Exhibition Road, Bhrikutimandap. Menwhile, Nepal Red Cross youths in technical collaboration with Ad Crew media performed a street drama show focusing on women's identity and empowerment on the occasion. Hence, district chapters of NRCS throughout the county have reported local actions on the day.

Calling to be bold for change, this year's theme for the day was 'Women in the Changing World: Planet 50-50 by 2030 ' which strongly supports the proper implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.