'Rights of Migrants in Action' project launched in Nepal

The project 'Rights of Migrants in Action' has been launched in Nepal on the occasion of International Migrants' Day on 18 December 2014 at Nepal Red Cross Society Headquarters in Kathmandu. Nepal Red Cross Society organized the County Programme Launching Ceremony with a Press Release on the occasion.

Addressing to the launching ceremony, Mr. Sanjeev Thapa, Chairperson of the Nepal Red Cross Society said, “The National Society is committed to addressing the needs and vulnerabilities of migrants and any other persons affected by migration regardless of their legal status, in order to provide protection and assistance following our Fundamental Principles of Independence and Neutrality”. NRCS' Vice- chairman Mr. Ajeet Kumar Sharma, NRCS' Officiating Executive Director Mr. Pushpa Raj Poudel, IFRC Nepal Country Representative Ms. Ritva Lahti, Country Focal Point for the 'Rights of Migrants in Action' project Mr. Dipendra Raj Dhakal were also delivered speech on the occassion. Directors, Head of the Departments and representatives from various departments within NRCS and media people were taking part on the ceremony.

Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) with International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has now starting a new project in Nepal on labour migration. The overall objective of the project is to promote and protect the human rights of migrants in targeted countries, migration corridors and regions through a globally coordinated civil society action, with a specific focus on migrant domestic workers and victims of human trafficking.

The Global Migration grant is a 42 month project, funded by the Directorate-General for Development and Cooperation – Europe Aid (DG DEVCO) (“Civil Society Action for Promoting Human Rights of Migrants”) to be implemented in 15 countries around the globe. Nepal is one of the targeted (beneficiary) countries among three in Asia for the project, including Thailand and Indonesia.

The project, direct social assistance and protection will be provided to the migrants and their families. This support will for instance include access to healthcare, legal assistance and social inclusion measures like training, or interpretation services. The project also aims to help civil society organisations (CSOs) to better protect the rights of these migrants by creating a network where all the CSOs can share best practices. Promoting rights of migrants as well as well-managed migration, labour and anti-trafficking policies and legislation, and supporting dialogue with public authorities, employers’ associations and the private sector, are some other actions that will be pursued.

Nepal Red Cross Society, as a host National Society, is having a leading role at country level in terms of coordination of the project (dialogue with CSOs, governments and other relevant stakeholders such as international organization), monitoring the CSOs small scale projects and capacity building for CSOs in the areas of project management and grant application and migration-related issues.

The main target groups of the Action will be the civil society organisations and actors, in particular local NGOs dealing with the promotion and protection of the fundamental rights of people in a migration situation in the targeted countries, but also migrants associations and workers’ associations. Employers’ associations and the private sector in general will be relevant target groups of the awareness raising activities. The central and local government authorities of the selected countries will be the main target groups of the advocacy activities carried out.

The final beneficiaries will be the migrant population, in particular the most vulnerable groups (women, children, migrant domestic workers, victims of human trafficking and of other severe right's violations within migration contexts), their families, and potential migrants from targeted countries concerned by migration and mobility.