Women delighted with Water Scheme

It is always painful to feel the suffering. The same situation was for the women of Kailash VDC ward number 2 Bagarkot. Women are very pleased to have water scheme in their area.

The project ‘ Sanitation and Drinking Water Management’ under Nepal Red Cross Society Bajhang District Chapter, has constructed water taps near the community. People are very pleased to get the water taps near to their community and feel  free from the hardship to get the water in past. Mostly the women who had to travel a distant to fetch water either for household purpose or for cattle are the most beneficiated groups. Jayakaura Singh(45), “It used to take us 1 and half hour to fetch the water. We were abide to drink the water from rivers. The water brought from such a long distance would not even be enough for bathing, cleaning utensils and washing clothes. Now after NRCS made the drinking water plant in our area it has decreased the household load of all women.”  Likewise 32 years old Laxmi Singh, “ I always thought Red Cross only helps people who were affected by disasters but Red Cross is also raising awareness in sanitation and proper use of toilets and helping in living way of people.” There are 4 taps constructed where 14 HH are getting direct benefits.

Water User Committee President Jag Bahadur Singh says, “We faced many hurdles to establish water scheme in this small community but today it has eased us in all our activities. We have been able to drink clean water and also maintain sanitation.”

The essence of water during the VDC going through total sanitation after being ODF VDC is very high and also it has helped to reduce the effort of women to fetch the water. After the establishment of water scheme, it has also positively helped in sanitation. Now we will organize a campaign to establish total sanitation units in each house says president Singh. Women from Barkot have been an example to work in coordination with the community and maintain sanitation in the VDC.

We have created operation and maintenance fund for the sustainability of drinking water project. We will appoint water source caretaker, will do afforestation near the water source, will continuously work to protect the water source says the Secretary of Water User Committee. These activities will help the community to  feel the ownership of the water scheme and help to maintain the sanitation as well.

Dil Bahadur Kami, Motivator, Kailash9